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As someone who had grown up under Japanese rule, Park often expressed his admiration for Japan's rapid modernization after the Meiji Restoration of 1867 and for Bushido ("the way of the warrior"), the Japanese warrior code.Following the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, the ambitious Park decided to enter the Changchun Military Academy of the Manchukuo Imperial Army, with help from Imperial Japanese Army Colonel Arikawa (a drill instructor at the teaching school in Daegu who was impressed by Park's military ambitions).During this time, he adopted the Japanese name Takagi Masao He graduated top of his class in 1942 (receiving a gold watch from the Emperor Puyi himself) and was recognized as a talented officer by his Japanese instructors, who recommended him for further studies at the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in Japan.After graduating third in the class of 1944, Park was commissioned as a lieutenant into the Manchukuo Imperial Army, and served during the final stages of World War II as aide-de-camp to a regimental commander.He changed his name again from Takagi Masao to Okamoto Minoru (岡本実) in order to engage in intelligence activities against Korean guerrillas operating in the region.The Japanese used Korean turncoats to suppress Korean armed resistance.While some see him as a resolute leader who helped sustain the Miracle on the Han River, which reshaped and modernized Korea, others see him as an authoritarian dictator who squashed political opposition and dissent while prioritizing economic growth and contrived social order at the expense of civil liberties.

The other parties are groups that oppose giving amnesty to illegal aliens through the DACA or deferred action for childhood arrivals programs.

He was promoted to lieutenant colonel in September 1950 and to colonel in April 1951.

As a colonel, Park was the deputy director of the Army Headquarters Intelligence Bureau in 1952 before switching to artillery and commanded the II and III Artillery Corps during the war.

Kim also killed Cha Ji-chul, chief of the Presidential Security Service.

Arrested by soldiers under Army Chief of Staff Jeong Seung-hwa, Kim and his co-conspirators were tortured, tried and executed while Prime Minister Choi Kyu-hah became acting president, pursuant to Article 48 of the Yushin Constitution.

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